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Roshni Trust is a non-­‐profit organization founded with the support of the late Dr. Anji Reddy in 1997, with an objective of addressing issues of mental health, and now providing comfort for the terminally ill. We have been relentlessly working toward a better place for the mentally ill and tender care for the end of life treatment.

A group of physicians from GMC Batch of 1972, came together with members of Roshni, in particular Shashikala Reddy, with support from staff and physicians at MNJ Cancer Hospital at Hyderabad, in particular Dr. Gayatri Palat, to support the following projects for terminally ill patients in Hyderabad:

1. Life At Your Doorstep provides skilled medical, psycho-­‐social, economic and spiritual support to terminally ill patients and their families. The service is provided by a team of well-­‐trained and compassionate nurses and counsellors, who visit the patients at home, guided by experienced palliative care physicians. The dedicated home care team not only attends to physical problems, such as severe pain, breathlessness, and malignant wounds, but also provides skilled psychosocial and spiritual support. Educating and preparing the family for probable changes at the end of life is another key role of the trained home care team.

One of the greatest fears of the terminally ill is dying alone, in a sterile impersonal environment with tubes thrust into their veins, spending the last few days in unfamiliar surroundings. They are plagued by the fear of dying in pain. They look forward to a pain-­‐free end surrounded by their loved ones. To dispel this fear the following services are provided.

Services Provided
• Assistance in day-­‐to-­‐day activities.
• 24/7 help line services
• Prescription management.
• Bed sore prevention/ care and Wound management
• Respiratory management
• Pain and symptom management
• Assistance with procedure like Urinary catheterization, Ascites tapping, Enema, feeding tube insertion and management
• Lymphedema and stoma management
• Nutrition & Hydration
• Psychological and spiritual support
• Support and education for family/ care givers
• Bereavement support

• Life At Your Doorstep provides the dying patient and his/her family an opportunity to access care with compassion so that the final exit can happen with dignity end.

2. Our service further extends to a 25-­‐bed hospice providing tender care for people living with advanced terminal illness, in the green environs of Shivananda Trust premises at Kukatpally, Hyderabad. Our hospice team helps provide what matters most to the person who is dying—goals and tasks to be completed, relationships to be healed, reunions that bring joy and ways to fully live, until reaching a peaceful end.

Total number of patients seen under Home Care
Month                                     New        Follow ups      Total Visits
January –July 2013            160            599                      759

Such endearing transformations are possible when all of us come together and walk that extra mile to work towards the cause. We need to translate our thoughts to action by way of generous donations to ensure that the change happens, in order to build a sustainable corpus fund. This is a very special call to the doctors in the various parts of the globe to unite together to work towards the cause of helping the terminally ill at the end stage of life to die with dignity and love. All of this can happen only with a sustainable corpus fund. So, please open your hearts and donate freely to this cause. We value your support and urge you to continue with us towards our ultimate goal.
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Roshni Palliative Care
“Life At Your Doorstep”. A Home Based Palliative Care and Hospice Program supported by Roshni Trust 
Initiated by 1972-­‘Shakha’ batch of Doctors
We are sure your generous donations will keep flowing to help us in our endeavour.

Donations made in the form of Indian currency can be deposited under:
Roshni Trust –Palliative Care
CURRENT ACCOUNT A/C.NO-­‐913020008686847
Axis bank ltd
Hyderabad main branch
Ifsc utib 0000008
MICR 500211002

Tax deductible contributions can be made in USA through GMCGA Inc;
Please mail the checks to:
Dr. Santhosh Cheela,
349 Mckinley avenue,
Edison NJ 08820.

Please visit the website for further information;

Sponsorship for Palliative Care:
One patient bed per year -­‐ Rs. 1,00,000/-­‐
One patient bed per month -­‐ Rs. 10,000/-­‐
Home care (medicines and dressing)-­‐ Rs.10,000/-­‐
Medicines one patient per month -­‐ Rs. 2,000/-­‐
Wound management per patient -­‐ Rs. 2,000/-­‐
Food for one day -­‐ Rs. 1000/-­‐
 — Dr. Santhosh Cheela
No donation is too small for “We ourselves may feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.”
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