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During diamond jubilee celebrations we learned about a shelter for the relatives of the patients who are admitted to the Gandhi Hospital. This shelter was built one year ago by Sivananda society and is being efficiently run by Seva Bharathi.  It is a great service for relatives of poor patients who come to the city to take care of their loved ones.  The building only provides a shelter there are no kitchen facilities etc.  It is currently serving about 150 people a day.
Sriram Sudharshan suggested that it would be nice to provide at least one meal a day for the people living in the shelter.  We have found that such service is already being provided in some hospitals by Hare Krishna movement shown at the website below:

A representative from Hare Krishna movement met us and informed they can provide meals at Rs. 23/plate, delivered.  The Seva Bharathi people said they would be willing to take the responsibility of distributing it in the shelter.  To provide 200 meals/day for 365 days costs about $30,000/year.  
Global Alliance Inc.
Free Meals Program. Daily lunch program for Inpatient attendants
We are requesting sponsors to pledge to donate at least $1000/year from now on to this program.  Going through GMCGA (a tax-deductible donation) it amounts to about $600/year.
 Seva Bharathi society have garnered support to fund 25% of the program locally.   The following persons have already agreed to be sponsors.  We are looking for additional sponsors.  
Chandramouli 2. Murali Rao 3. Pruthvipathy Rao 4. Rajeshwar (UK) 5. Shantha Kumar 6. Shonalatha 7. Shyamsundar Agarwal (Australia) 8. Srirarm Sudharshan 9. Sudhaker 10.. Ravinder 11. Anand Gadam Rao 12. Srisha Rao  13. Krishnaswamy 14. Prabhakar Sharma 15. KP Sarma 16.  RD Kumar

Future Goal:   The above sponsors have agreed to support the program for at least 5 years.  Our goal is to establish a trust fund, the interest from that fund should be able to support the program forever.  People who wish to support this goal may make a one-time donation or pledge yearly contributions for whatever amount, to reach that goal.

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