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Gandhi Medical College along with Gandhi Hospital is a beautiful facility in Hyderabad, India. It serves majority of the twin cities, Secunderabad and Hyderabad and also the neighbouring districts. The facility is considered as a top medical facility and teaching Hospital in the newly formed Telangana State.

The Emergency room is a separate building connected to the main Hospital. It has three floors and a basement. The basement has CT, MRI, and other diagnostic X-ray equipment.

The first or ground floor has Medical ICU, Orthopedic and Trauma Ward. Before patients go to Medical ICU or Orthopedic and Trauma Ward, they are evaluated at Medical observation place where there are 10 beds. It also has an operating room. The Medical ICU has 24 beds. At the present time there are 19 monitors and 8 ventilators.

It has only few infusion pumps. The ideal ICU should have at least 1or 2 infusion pumps for each bed, 24 monitors and adequate number of ventilators. Each infusion pump costs about Rs. 20,000. Each Space Lab monitor costs about 1 lakh of rupees. At the present time the uplifting of the ER and other services involved with IT for smooth dissemination and sharing of the current lab, X-ray reports  and other information work is pioneered by Mr. Gunaranjan, Chairman of YouSee Volunteer team (For further information on YouSee Volunteer Team log on to Recently under the guidance of Mr. Gunaranjan, has organized to recruit 24 nurses to work for 24 critical care beds in the Emergency room. They were recruited through UC and Ekam Foundation ( 15 nurses have joined the duty from June 1st. Now we have one dedicated nurse for 4 beds. It has certainly lifted the care levels of ICU. The skills and service of the recruited nurses has been appreciated by the doctors of Department of Medicine. Few other items like Nebulizers, Airbed for ventilated patients, suction apparatus are need to be procured. These nurses have regular technical sessions on the floor and a class room session every Saturday to facilitate continued learning process for the nursing team.

Recently GMCGA has donated the air compressor for Cardio thoracic surgery. These also have been supported by Ekam foundation and There are also good number of GE volunteers and as well as volunteers from Seva Bharati are involved. At the present time volunteers from Seva Bharati wait at the entrance of emergency room with stretchers ready to transport the sick patients who arrive at the ER straight to the treatment facility without any waiting time.

All these efforts have tremendously uplifted the morale of the staff who are not only working at the ER but the entire hospital.

Alumni of the college both from India as well as from abroad trying to help to fulfil the dream.
Global Alliance Inc.
Emergency Room Project
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