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GMC Global Alliance Inc

(Headquartered in the US).

Alok Agrawal ('81)

(937) 479-6004

Vice President

Venkatakrishna Rao Bodavula ('92)


GMC Alumni Association

(Headquartered in Hyderabad)

President Elect
Venkatakrishna Rao Bodavula ('92)


Ravinder R. Surakanti ('65)

(765) 366-0812


Rajsheker Kollipara ('65)

(937) 547-8444


K. Murali Krishna Rao, MD
304-685-1183 (cell)


Board of Trustees
D. Kumar Ramisetti, ('64)

(949) 633 1953


D. Sudhaker Rao ('64)

(248) 895-1947


Koppolu P. Sarma, ('64)

(219) 613-3659

koppolu_sarma@yahoo.c om


Prabhakar Sharma ('70)

(806) 773-2806

ssprabhakar4@hotmail.c om


Santhosh Cheela ('72)

(732) 687-1998

Members at Large
Bhoompally V. Reddy ('83)

(515) 602-7138


Ramakrishna Sripathi ('83)

tel:(602) 620-0708


Ram Pasupuleti ('86)

(270) 799-4990


Ravinder Annamaneni ('81)

(910) 644-5939


Sita Yerramalli ('70)

(973) 632-7775


Nandu Gourineni ('97)

tel:(517) 775-7639

–United Kingdom
Dr. Chandramohan Jetty

Dr. Sham Deshpande

Dr. Maheshwar B. Reddy
+91 984-854-4522

Founding Member & Former CEO
Laxmaiah Manchikanti, MD

Dr. R. Abdul Khader, MD
248-895-1947 (office) 

Founding Member 
Ravinder Surakanti, MD
765-364-1716 (Home)
765-361-3038 (Office)
765-366-0812 (Cell)

Dr. Pratap Reddy
984-854-4522 (Cell)

Vice Presidents
Dr Ch Chandrashekar

9490169404 (cell)

Dr Ranganath Reddy

9849690025 (cell)

Dr. Lingamurthy,M.B.B.S.,D.A.

Dr Ravi Kumar
9848327434 (cell)

Joint Secretaries
 Dr BalRaj

9849272169 (cell)

 Dr Mohan Reddy

9963555244 (cell)

Dr. K. Lingaiah

8332932532 (Cell)

Executive Members
Dr K Ramesh Reddy
9391008577 (cell)


Dr VVS Sharma

9246533400 (cell)

Dr Narsing Rao

9440777382 (cell)

Dr Nagavarma

9849032696 (cell)

Dr Ram Swaroop Reddy
8885555580 (cell)

Dr D Shankar

9848393804 (cell)

Dr B Sheshadri

9848216376 (cell)

Dr G Sreedhar
9849196973 (cell)

Principal, Gandhi Medical College
Dr. S. Sreelatha

Superintendent, Gandhi Hospital
Dr. P. Dhairyawan



























It is a great honor for me to lead GMCGA from Jan. 2018-Dec. 2019. I will always be proud of the education and training provided to me at my alma mater. The seniors have worked hard for last decade to bring GMCGA to the current level. In last few years several younger members have joined the organization bringing in lot more energy and enthusiasm.


In accordance with the mission of the organization, I would like to focus my energies on projects that help improve patient care ultimately. We will contribute positively by working closely with the hospital administration, the government of Telangana, our local sister alumni organization, other nonprofit organizations, professional medical organizations and corporations.


I hope to reach out to other alumni globally, inform them of our philanthropic mission and get them involved in the organization with your help. I hope our widespread network of physicians can provide guidance to young medical graduates of GMC in future.


I encourage all of you to periodically visit this website, look at the Facebook page, the powerpoint presentation, newsletter, the flyer and all other details.  It is only with your active involvement that the organization will continue to grow.


My best wishes to all of you.


President’s Message

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